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Molecular formula: C4H8O2
Molecular weight: 88.106
CAS: 123-91-1
Physico-chemical property: 
It is colorless liquid. Freezing point is 11.80℃. Boiling point is 101.32℃ (100kPa). Relative density is 1.0336 (20/4℃). Refractive index is 1.4224. Flash point is 12℃. It can consolute with water and most organic solutions. It has a faint scent of ester. 
Quality index:

Colorless transparent liquid
Acid value(Counted by CH3COOH)
Hyperoxide (Counted by H2O2)

Product usage: 
It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, spice, special fine chemicals and other industries. It can also be used as soluvent, reaction medium and extracting agent in scientific studies. 
Packing, S & T: 
200Kg/galvanized barrel.
It should be kept away from fire and moisture. It is chemical hazard.

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