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Sodium methoxide (liquid)

Molecular formula: CH3ONa
Molecular weight: 54.02
CAS: 124-41-4 67-56-1
Physico-chemical property: 
It is colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid. It is soluble in methanol sodium methoxide. 
Quality index:

Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Content (total alkali)
Sodium methoxide(NaOCH3)
Sodium hydroxide(NaOH)
Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3)

Product usage: 
It is mainly used in the production of vitamin A1, B1, sulphadoxine, sulfadiazine, trimethoprim and other pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used in biodiesel industry. Besides, it can be used as edible catalyst and analytical reagent. 
Packing, S & T: 
ISO TANK: 20-22 tons/can
Ton barrel IBC: 940KG/IBC
Steel barrel: 200Kg/barrel
It should be storaged in cool and dry warehouse. It should be kept away from flame, heat resource, antioxidant, acids and storaged and transported isolatedly. Light handling and discharge. Keep packing complete.

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